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Drew’s News is powered by a team of dedicated student authors representing our diverse college population. Learn a bit more about each author and explore their blog posts.

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Will Andrews

Fr 2019

B. Commerce / B. Advanced Studies

Will has always had an interest in writing about the World. Current affairs, geo-politics, business and philosophy are among Will’s favourite topics. He aims to inform about the not so obvious elements of life , particularly those that reflect the changing nature of the World around us.


Christal Au-Yeung

Fr 2018

B. Science

Christal has a keen interest in many issues that concern everyday people, including Australian politics, current affairs and new endeavours in medical research. As a proud first-generation Australian born Chinese, she wishes to pursue a career as a doctor in the Australian Army, in the hope that she can utilise her skills to aid those in need.


John Bivell

Fr 2019

B. Economics / B. Law

John has lost many things over the years - his culture, his eyebrows and his dignity. He likes history and architecture, and is studying Economics/Law at the University of Sydney.


Rohan Browning

Fr 2016

B. Arts / B. Law

Rohan is a college fourth year, studying Arts/Laws at Sydney University, although he’s taking an inordinately long time to finish his degree. To prolong his high school glory days he dabbles in a bit of running and can be found in the offseason in the Marly beer garden.

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Will Cottle

Fr 2018

B. Media and Communications

Ever the realist, Will is aware his dream-job as an actor is more-or-less a pipe-dream and he manages to vent his performative frustrations through writing. Taking an informal, relaxed approach to his journalism, the topics you’ll find Will vehemently whinging about pertain to genres like sports, film, gaming and television. Ultimately, Will aims to bring to light unto stories, which may have missed the public eye, sideshows which deserve spotlights. 


Xavier Eales

Fr 2017

B. Commerce / B. Law

Xavier is a part-time Sinophile, business geek and below-average lawyer. He focuses on knowing a little about everything, since he knows that he’s not smart enough to ever know everything about something.

Kiran Gupta

Fr 2019

B. Arts (Media Studies) / B. Law

Kiran studies law whilst writing articles and singing. He often publishes long-winded rants so stay tuned if you like those as well as strong takes on controversial topics. Outside of writing and law, he enjoys musical theatre and pop music.

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Ingrid Jones

Fr 2018

B. Arts

Ingrid is studying a Bachelor of Arts at USYD. She has a keen interest in philosophy, theatre and politics and hopes to somehow combine the three in her future endeavours.


Zoe Latham

Fr 2019

B. Civil Engineering

Zoe has a passion for exploring the world we live in and learning about different ways of life. In the future, she hopes to be able to combine this interest with engineering and a love for helping others.


Sean Stuart

Fr 2018

B. Science / B. Law

Sean loves all things movie related and hopes to be a screenwriter one day. In the mean time he’s a student who loves boxing, acting and writing.


Emily Tyrrell

Fr 2018

B. Arts (English) / B. Law

Emily is a bookworm whose found a way to turn that into a University degree. She has a particular interest in the intersection between Australian Literature and Politics. Growing up in Western Sydney, she is also keen on the representation of suburbia and the domestic. She now lives at College, and is an active member of the SCR.


Hogan Wang

Fr 2017

B. Science (Adv) / Doctor of Medicine

A proud Kiwi, Hogan is fascinated by different perspectives on issues that determine our collective future. He traverses traditional sector boundaries and takes an active interest in all things health, economics, finance and politics.

Violet, pictured on the right

Violet, pictured on the right

Violet Williams

Fr 2017

B. Media and Communications

When Violet isn’t playing with flowers, she strings occasional words together to reflect on the state of the modern world. Her approach to writing is tackling big issues in digestible discussions that are relevant to her peers. Violet loves listening to Podcasts and hates going to the gym.